Still baffled by the hashtag...

My instagram account @sorrelandsteve was the first thing I made when I started thinking about this business. I LOVE iT, I love how simple it is, how easy it is, and how visual it is. i thought it would be easy to get followers and maybe even generate business from it however it seems it's not quite that simple.

I hashtag as much as I can think of before I just start hash tagging hashtag! #hashtag

It's been a year since I started my business instagram and I'm finally at over 200 followers, it's been hard work to get here, sometimes I post things I later remove because it's only had 12 likes sometimes I'll post an image I've worked really hard on and again not many likes then other times I'll do something really simple and it'll get 60 likes and I'll even get follows because of it! I just don't understand!

Yesterday and today I have posted fairly simple images but this time I've written something a bit more personal and relevant to my day… 'multitasking … netflix vs work' this received 10 likes in 50 seconds! I followed it with hashtags that are new to me such as 'publicity' 'promotion' and 'editorial'

There's definitely a science behind this hashtagging and I'm still trying to work it out, in the mean time expect a lot of fairly random #hastags as I test the waters!

Battle of the Bridesmaids...

Bridesmaids, your besties, your sisters, those girls you feel you can't not have?

There's a whole political situation with choosing bridesmaids…. you have to have your sisters, there's always that friend you've known forever who you've always said would be a bridesmaid but you're simply just not as close as you once were but 'you can't not have her'!

So here are a few things to consider when making the big decision...

- You are the bride…. don't feel pressured into having someone you don't particularly want to
- Numbers don't matter, if you want 10 have 10! if anything the more the merrier! I've been a bridesmaid 5 times and it was definitely more fun being one of 8 than 1 of 3
- Consider the girl… it might just be nice for you to ask but for her it is a true privilege and honour to be considered a special member of your inner circle
- And finally remember the reason for asking… because you are marrying the person you want to spend the rest of your life with... that is the priority, the other stuff doesn't really mean that much when it all comes down to it!

Your girls can make you laugh, cry, drive you crazy and give you the best memories ever, enjoy spending these special moments together, they don't happen every day x

Wedding blues...

The post wedding blues…. the feeling that after all this time of planning and being soooo excited, it's all over…. of meeting some amazing people and thinking this is the only time we'll all be together…. being in that wonderful wedding bubble of love, beauty and booze!

But i'll take all of this and some because it means it really was the best weekend EVER… the memories I'm gonna live off for years!

For now… I'm crazy excited to see the new Mr & Mrs again and talk stories and honeymoon…. and start to look forward to the next wedding! 


Today I am writing from a beautiful room in a wonderful old hotel, I'm surrounded by lovely things….. a bridesmaid dress, a wedding dress, some fab shoes and my bestest friend the gorgeous bride and soon to be Mrs Rolfe!

And so today I'm feeling very grateful. In america they have a whole day dedicated to being thankful for the people and things in their life… well today is thanksgiving for me! Which is well timed because it's a thursday!

I am thankful for my girl Laura…. she is beautiful, kind, loyal, loving, ever faithful, thoughtful, considerate and I don't know what I would do without her. I'm so thankful for her and for her Groom, who we will be celebrating with this weekend at their hotly anticipated wedding! 

I pray that they are blessed with a long and fruitful marriage, I'm so excited and honoured that I get to be there to watch it all kick off!

I Love you both and am so excited for the future xx

Year one...

The first year of a new business is hard! It's a time to make mistakes, spend money and apparently feel like it's not working! But it's also the year to learn… learn how much this seedling of a business means to you, learn from your silly mistakes, learn that sometimes you have to work for free simply to get some work under your belt!

As with any new and risky business there are ups and downs, and they tend to be dramatic ups and downs, for example a big 'up' was a major bridal magazine 'borrowing' some props for a photoshoot! And the major 'down'….. when that magazine didn't return some of those props.

But almost a year on since I first had the idea to start this business, I still know it's what I want and I still feel passionate about making it work…. this blog will be my ramblings of success and failure, my questions and opinions, I may be the only one that ever sees it but maybe just one person out there will read these thoughts and understand exactly what I'm talking about!

So for that one soul…. stay with me and ride this crazy journey with me, who knows where we may end up!!