Year one...

The first year of a new business is hard! It's a time to make mistakes, spend money and apparently feel like it's not working! But it's also the year to learn… learn how much this seedling of a business means to you, learn from your silly mistakes, learn that sometimes you have to work for free simply to get some work under your belt!

As with any new and risky business there are ups and downs, and they tend to be dramatic ups and downs, for example a big 'up' was a major bridal magazine 'borrowing' some props for a photoshoot! And the major 'down'….. when that magazine didn't return some of those props.

But almost a year on since I first had the idea to start this business, I still know it's what I want and I still feel passionate about making it work…. this blog will be my ramblings of success and failure, my questions and opinions, I may be the only one that ever sees it but maybe just one person out there will read these thoughts and understand exactly what I'm talking about!

So for that one soul…. stay with me and ride this crazy journey with me, who knows where we may end up!!