Still baffled by the hashtag...

My instagram account @sorrelandsteve was the first thing I made when I started thinking about this business. I LOVE iT, I love how simple it is, how easy it is, and how visual it is. i thought it would be easy to get followers and maybe even generate business from it however it seems it's not quite that simple.

I hashtag as much as I can think of before I just start hash tagging hashtag! #hashtag

It's been a year since I started my business instagram and I'm finally at over 200 followers, it's been hard work to get here, sometimes I post things I later remove because it's only had 12 likes sometimes I'll post an image I've worked really hard on and again not many likes then other times I'll do something really simple and it'll get 60 likes and I'll even get follows because of it! I just don't understand!

Yesterday and today I have posted fairly simple images but this time I've written something a bit more personal and relevant to my day… 'multitasking … netflix vs work' this received 10 likes in 50 seconds! I followed it with hashtags that are new to me such as 'publicity' 'promotion' and 'editorial'

There's definitely a science behind this hashtagging and I'm still trying to work it out, in the mean time expect a lot of fairly random #hastags as I test the waters!